English Lesson

Private Ski Lessons in English
(Ski Lessons for non-Japanese speakers)
Group lessons are provided ONLY in Japanese, so we strongly recommend PRIVATE lessons for non-Japanese speakers. Due to limited instructor availability, we recommend to book in advance.
Private lessons are a great way to improve your skills, no matter what ski levels you are. You will learn more, in less time with private instruction. It enables you to make the greatest possible progress and make the most of your time on the mountain!
You can get 1 on 1 instruction with our skilled instructor, or you can make a group with your family or friends of similar ability.


Private Lesson
-To ensure lesson availability reservations are required
-Within a group of people at the same level
-Maximum of 8 participants
-Lift tickets and equipment rentals not included
-Private lessons are priced as per instructor dispatched (not per participant)
Number of participant/ hour / price
1person 2H / ¥20,000  2person 2H / ¥30,000  3person 2H / ¥35,000
4person 2H / ¥40,000  

  • Five or more are consultation required

Cash only. We do not accept credit cards.

Kids Ski rental package
1 DAY/ ¥2500
-We provide rentals for Kids under age 12 who participates in our ski lessons
-Includes Ski, Boots and Helmet (Poles on request)
(We require Kids under age 12 to wear ski helmet when taking a lesson.)
-Clothing are not included (can be rented at ski resorts’ rentals)
1DAY/ ¥2,500

Ages 13 and up
-Rentals available at Takasu Snow Park Rentals
-We can guide you to the Rentals after your signing up at our school reception desk.


Rental Rate at the Snow Park Rentals
Full package (Ski, Boots and Poles)
1 DAY/¥4600
Half Day/¥3100
1DAY/ ¥4,600
半日/ ¥3,100
Adult/ ¥4,100
Children/ ¥3,100


Web Reservation https://urakata.in/new_reserve/en/calendar/takasuski?course_id=9296

Reservation can be made by e-mail.
Please inform us your (and other participant’s) Name, Lesson Date Request, Lesson Starting Time Request, your Age and your Ski Level . Please send E-mail to the address below. We will contact you via E-mail.

◦Allow at least 1 hour before your lesson to be fitted with your rental equipment on most days. Allow up to 2 hours on weekends and holidays, so you can make your lesson on time.
◦Meet at the school reception desk 10 minutes before your lesson starts.

◦Be sure to have the appropriate clothing for skiing. Key essentials are glove, eyewear, jacket, and snow pants. Kids taking lessons are required to wear helmet. This will make your first experience great!